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Mat Rats MMA & BJJ –  Ages 4 to 7

Mat Rats MMA and BJJ classes are for your future champion. Developing balance, strength, agility, mobility, speed and a beginning understanding of Martial Arts ( boxing, wrestling, jiujitsu and kickboxing)

Mat Rats MMA & BJJ teaches children the basics of  Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You will be surprised what your little one can do and is capable of in this academy. We see potential and will show you that the results are limitless.

Both class are offered 4 times a week as well as an opportunity to join our competition team.

YOUTH MMA and BJJ – Ages 7-13

Our Kids/Youth MMA and BJJ classes are fun and fitness focused. Great for the new student with absolutely zero ability or knowledge of the sport or if your child is a well rounded athlete they will be pushed and encouraged to grow along with our multiple world champion expert grapplers!!!  We have you covered.

Let me be honest.  If you want real life change for you, your child or family….  We are here to do just that. I promise you will not be the same after just one class…..

Our youth classes are not only focused on physical skill but on LIFESKILLS as well. Structured on RESPECT and SELFCONTROL, your child will be challenged daily to grow into a better and more capable person as well as challenged physically daily.

“I will not push you past what you can do, I will push you beyond what you THINK you can do, and show you what you are capable of achieving”

Adult Martial Arts Classes MMA & BJJ – 14 and up!

BJJ and MMA classes are perfectly structured for our teens and adults.

We have an unbelievable group of teens and adults that range from World championship level expert grapplers to the brand new teen or mom or dad looking to lose inches and get in shape while learning a skill and real self defense.  Classes are structured so you are able to challenge yourself and push yourself on your own timeline and be encouraged and motivated by our leaders and instructors!

KICKBOXING – 14 and up!

Kickboxing Class is a great way to burn calories and sweat and burn body fat. You will be in a mixed class of skill levels from the absolute beginner to amateur and professional fighters. You will do partner drills and group exercises along with warmups, jumprope, circuit training and heavy bag sparring. YOU WILL ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THIS CLASS

COMPETITION TEAM – Advanced MMA/Advanced Grappling

For those preparing for a tournament or MMA.  Focus is on theory, strategy, conditioning and competition style training.
AGES 5 – 55 are in this class and is part of your “UNLIMITED” training package.  Competition team meets on Fridays or Saturdays for extra training.  Focused, detailed, advanced drill work and conditioning for our sport. This is where CHAMPIONS are FORGED.  SWEAT EQUITY


Teamwork make the Dream Work